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Thirukkural Book with Tamil Diary Special Edition 2050-2051

Thirukkural Book with Tamil Diary Special Edition 2050-2051

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This Thirukkural Book is a Premium Edition with 1330 Thirukkural and Fresco type paintings for 133 Chapters of Thirukkural.

  • Thirukkural descriptions are written in simple sentences and can be easily understandable by anyone.
  • The Paintings are to describe about 133 Chapters of Thirukkural.  Each Painting has its own descriptions mentioned below.
  • There are 2 Books in a Box, one book is for 1330 Thirukkural and its explanations, another book is for paintings with descriptions.
  • The Book Pages are printed on premium class natural evolution papers for all pages.

Thirukkural Tamil Diary 2050-51 Special Edition is available at free of cost when you buy this Thirukkural Book. 

This is a Tamil Thirukkural Dairy with an unique design printed for the Thiruvalluvar Years' Tamil Calendar for the years 2050 and 2051.

  • It has a set of 12 Books in a Printed Box.
  • This Diary is designed for All 6 Seasons of the Tamil Calendar Years 2050 and 2051.
  • Each book has 2 months of pages with 2 Seasons.
  • All the pages are un-ruled and printed with Moon Cycles, Tamil and English Dates.
  • Each page of the Daily Planner -  Comes with Thirukkural in Tamil Texts at the bottom of page.
  • The Main Book has information about Thirukkural and General Knowledge Information about Tamilnadu with Maps.
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